I want this campaign to be rooted in the hopes and concerns of our community. In the coming weeks, I will be traveling around the district to hear from you about what your priorities are. In the meantime, here are a few of the core beliefs I bring to this campaign.

healthy kids, healthy communities

A teacher saved my life, so I know firsthand the impact a good school can have on student outcomes. It is not enough to simply say we want more funding for education. We must rally around a vision that puts schools back at the heart of our communities. That means investing in school counselors, paraprofessionals and wrap-around services. Whether a kid has a cold, is battling depression or dealing with challenges at home, they should be able to come to school to get well and focus on learning.

legal marijuana, guaranteed justice

The War on Drugs has done nothing to make our country safer, and it has devastated communities of color, through unjust enforcement practices. Minnesota should legalize the recreational use of marijuana, but we must go further and right the wrongs of yesterday. Non-violent offenders should have their records expunged and be given an avenue into a legal, marijuana market.

Building power together

No one is entitled to occupy a seat of power forever. I believe that candidates should be limited to four terms in the state house and two in the state senate. I will hold myself to these limits and advocate for passing those reforms at the legislature. Furthermore, I will treat it as my duty, from day one, to encourage others to run for elected office. I will share my time, resources and expertise with the leaders of tomorrow, with a particular focus on building power alongside marginalized communities.

a foster care system that works

As someone who experienced foster care, growing up, I know how the system works and how it falls short. We should focus on intervening early, helping families stay together in times of crisis. In cases when a child needs to be separated from their home, the state needs to guarantee the same outcomes we would expect for any other kid, which includes receiving a college education and healthcare up to age 26.