Dear Neighbor:

My name is Hoang Murphy and I am a lifelong Minnesotan. I am the son of immigrants who fled Vietnam for a better life. I am also the son of white-working class folks from Northern Minnesota who strived for better. I am a proud son of the Eastside and I am running to represent all of us in the Minnesota House of Representatives for District 67A.

I have devoted my entire life to fighting for children and families. That fight began when I was eight. I went to school for the first time, and it quite literally saved my life. A St. Paul public school teacher saw that I was a kid in danger and helped me navigate the systems in place to protect children like me. That moment changed my trajectory. I entered foster care. I went on to graduate high school and was the first in my family to go to college.  

As a result, I have a responsibility to help vulnerable communities. Every child deserves to have the opportunities I went on to have. 

That is the reason I became a teacher. I taught high school English in a public school and was a proud member of the union. And I loved it. Teaching my kids the importance of reading and writing was the greatest honor of my life and if I could, I’d still be in the classroom. But just as the school year ended in 2016 one of my students became a victim of gun violence. In the hospital, I asked myself “What was the point of teaching if my students weren’t even able to survive? If a system was so indifferent about their lives, what could I do?” I left the classroom and set out to change the systems that allowed this to happen.

That duty brought me to the US Department of Education, where I had the honor of serving as a Public Policy Fellow in the last year of the Obama Administration. There, I was able to fight for better outcomes for our kids, more resources for homeless and foster youth, and more leadership opportunities for teachers.

That duty brought me back home to Minnesota, after the 2016 election, to defend the communities that raised me from harmful policies. I started an organization called Foster Advocates to make sure those most impacted by systems of oppression are at the table when it comes to identifying problems and crafting solutions.

We have a responsibility to upend these systems of inequity. Now, that responsibility is calling me to run for state representative for District 67A.

I am running because our kids deserve better.

I am running because our communities deserve more.

I am running because we can’t wait.

Over the coming months, I will be meeting with members of our community to learn from you and to share my vision of an Eastside where every kid and family thrives. I will need your help to win this fight. To learn more and to get involved, please reach out at

In solidarity,

Hoang Murphy